How I went from 250lbs to current 207 lbs and dropping

I started over again trying to lose weight without knowledge In 2018. From 137 pounds at 18 years old to graduating to super Obese at 48 years old weighing 250 on my worse months and 247-237 on the better months.

Last year 2019, I was almost successful at changing my food intake by turning to a gluten free, meatless, dairy free and a low carb diet. But I was a Lone Ranger. My blood pressure was high and my doctor wanted to start those never ending meds, but I asked to wait till my next appointment in a month. I resigned my job due to swollen ankles daily and tons of other health issues. I was jacked up and one doctor advised me to take a chemo pill. I declined since I did not have cancer and my former dr before employment said some doctors don’t know. He said watch what the health on Netflix wrote out others things to do including avoid - meat, dairy and bread. Thank you Dr. Esposito.

The worse culprit was my food intake and lack of Chia Seeds and hot lemon and water. It got better in a month.

GI issues were beginning to reverse as well as my borderline diabetes issue. But I was not taking any advice on social media because I was ashamed and did not want the facebook groups I was in to monitor me incase I failed. Pride really hurt me.

When 2019 Thanksgiving day arrived and my daughter came over cooking for us, I caved in to her Mac & Cheese which I was aware was addictive. I even went back to garlic breads with veggies and more.

2020 was suppose to be the marker for getting on track, however the first four months lead me to more bread, more cheese and even meats until I weighed myself and cried. I had went from 250 lbs down to 217 lbs between 2018 -2019 and here I was April pushing 227.

I realized I was getting inflammation again and suffering in my body. I joined a Facebook group challenge “ 28 Day Reset” lead by Dr. Patti. May 1st and I also joined her VIP group where I paid a little less than a therapy session - which lasted four weeks. I got so much from being in a group of people fighting for their health during this Covid 19 crisis. Today I am doing so much better and down four sizes in pants - from last year 20 to a size 14 and I am 207 pounds :)

Thank you Dr. Patti

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